examining the hands of time at dumbarton house

we checked out dumbarton house‘s monthy homeschool history day.
ms. karen greeted us and, while we waited for the program to begin,
the girls colored a portrait of themselves in the federal period and decoded messages.
the program began with a reading of a letter from the son of joseph nourse
— dumbarton’s most famous resident —
about how he celebrated the new year and
we discussed the ways in which it was similar and different
from how we celebrate today.
next, as we toured the house, we read fictional letters from sarah nourse,
joseph’s wife, and moved the hands of clocks
to the times indicated intermittently in her tales.
(no photos were allowed during the tour.)

afterward we had high tea with hot chocolate and ginger snaps,
handled cones of salt and sugar and blocks of tea and chocolate
— they were pressed into cones blocks for preservation.

high tea (hot chocolate, really)

then the girls wrote letters themselves with quill pens
and closed the letters by stamping seals in red wax.

writing with quill pens
blotting the paper
blotting the paper
melting the wax
stamping the wax

bonus: the staff had a little area on the side with over-sized dominoes and checkers for the younger ones to play.

dumbarton house homeschool history days are monthly on wednesdays.
check out the schedule and other programs.

the dumbarton kid’s web site is great for a post-visit review.


One thought on “examining the hands of time at dumbarton house

  1. Wow that looked really interesting, I wished I could have been there wit you all. I’m sure the girls learned a lot. Hope they had fun.

    Ma Salaams,

    Mama Alice

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