calder’s little spider

we’re back at the national gallery of art
for their winter story series
because the summer series was so impressive.

for february we investigated alexander calder’s sculptures.
first they read about a creative weaver who used her art to help others
in sophie’s masterpiece.

listening to Sophie's Masterpiece while surrounded by Matisse

alexander calder was an engineer and artist
who liked to make art that made people smile.
we did.

we studied calder’s little spider stabile
— like a mobile, except it on the ground
instead of hanging from the ceiling.

examining Calder's stabile "Little Spider"

then the girls took a stab at making mobiles of their own
from an embroidery hoop and colorful wires.

satisfied with their own mobile designs,
we returned to the calder area
at the end of the program
to view his other intriguing pieces…

aztec josephine baker by alexander calder
a dangling wire head. even the shadows are fascinating!
rearing stallion by alexander calder
calder's huge aluminum and steel mobile in the main entrance of the east wing

on our way out we couldn’t help but ponder the curious, varied creations of other modern artists.

forest of hands
mercyGirl's favorite hands among the forest of hands sculptures
chuck close's fanny/fingerpainting all done in fingerprints!

next month the winter series continues with jim dine
and a reading of the tin forest by helen ward.
i don’t know jim dine, but we can learn about him and his work together in february.


3 thoughts on “calder’s little spider

  1. You’re so lucky to live near near all the wonderful DC resources. We’re in Virginia, but a good 2 hours (or 4 depending on traffic) away. Love all the things you do with your little ones. Blessing. Aly.

    1. aly, thanks for your comment. i agree, we ARE blessed to be so near to all the events in the DC area. they are a great way to take a short break from the classroom while reinforcing and bringing to life concepts learned at home. however, through homeschool google/yahoo groups, i often hear of events in VA though that, just because of the distance, i just have to go with a sigh. i know how you feel, but we have to do the best we can with what we have, right?

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