quick-start montessori homeschooling with NAMC

even a homeschooling-rookie like me is often asked:
“where do i start?”

North American Montessori Center (NAMC) is providing another option
for those who want to get rolling quickly.
NAMC has been on my montessori homeschooling radar
even before they offered this new
comprehensive and quick-start primary homeschooling program
providing the step-by-step curriculum AND the montessori materials.
check em out: montessori-home-schooling.com

NAMC Montessori Homeschooling


3 thoughts on “quick-start montessori homeschooling with NAMC

  1. Do u think this is a good price? And do u think everything included is worth buying?? Any advice appreciated! A new homeschoinf Montessori mum!

    1. A “good price” can be subjective. You can do the research yourself, get the lessons online for free or fee, buy the tools piecemeal yourself and work from there. But for some people getting started is the hard part. Then there are other people who will shell out half-a-grand and just let it sit in the box in which it was shipped. If you’re a go-getter and need to get something started quick, i’d recommend trying it out.

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