at jim dine’s gate

we attended part two of the national gallery of art‘s
family program investigating modern and contemporary art
as a part of their winter stories in art series.

after reading how an old man uses discarded scrap metal to create a forest
in helen ward’s the tin forest,

we examined jim dine’s assemblages sculpture, the gate, goodbye vermont
made of tools, steel and wood.

jim dine makes art that allows him to pay homage
to the people he loves and places he’s been.
he used to play in his father’s paint store
and grandfather’s hardware store while growing up.
later, as an artist, he would often travel to get inspiration for his work.
while in france, he had a view of an ornate gate from the window of his room
where he did his sketches.

after examining dine’s piece from top to bottom and left to right
and listening to marjorie — our guide — read his explanation of the work,
the kids took that inspiration and,
using colorful chenille pipe cleaners and flower foam,
created a modern masterpiece of their own.

here is radianceGirl’s assemblage installed on her window sill at home:

"garden of horse" by radianceGirl


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