discovering the lions of industry and mothers of invention

discovery theater put on another excellent program
called lions of industry, mothers of invention
which profiled four great personalities in american history:
booker t. washington, madame c.j. walker, george washington carver and george crum.
these young actors made history literally come alive
with their lively, interactive show.

speaking to the actors after the show

the girls’ unanimous favorite was the young woman who portrayed
the entrepreneurial madame c.j. walker.

while there are abundant books on walker, b.t. washington and g.w. carver,
george crum was a new one for me.
george crum and the saratoga chip by gaylia taylor
george crum and the saratoga chip by gaylia taylor
is a great intro to this colorful personality who invented the potato chip.

what discover theater shows are you planning on checking out?


3 thoughts on “discovering the lions of industry and mothers of invention

  1. Okay soooo who is George Crum? The girls look so happy, they are growing so fast. I hope they thank you for being a great mommy. I thank you. You no.1 MOM.

    Love you

  2. salaams sis
    This is so amazing I just discovered Gorge Crum last week, i spent the first 2 weeks of March observing a Montessori elementary class, during this time the children were preparing for their living history exhibit, one little boy played the part of George Crum, he must have been 7, we also had George Washington Carver, Vance Marchbanks Jr, Ben Carson, Malcolm X, Elijah McCoy, Phyllis Wheatly, Maya Angelou, Charles Anderson and so many more, I felt so ashamed that this was the first time I was hearing about many of these great people.

    1. learning with children is always a discovery process, isn’t it. so, why are you observing a montessori class? are you getting officially trained?

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