join the student sit-in

the greensboro 4:
joseph mcNeil, franklin mcCain, ezell blair, jr. (later known as jibreel khazan), and david richmond.

we should be able to roll their names off our tongue
just like m.l.k. jr and rosa parks.
four college freshman from north carolina A&T
marked a change in the civil rights movement in 1960s.
they faced the discouragement, shame, violence and hate of others
with the inner-strength of non-violence,
encouraging young people to get more involved
in creating a more just future for america.

join the student sit-ins was presented right in front of the
woolworth’s counter at the national museum of american history,
where blacks were forbidden to be served,
and instead had to stand and eat their food
while whites sat at the counter.
it was a thought provoking 20 or so minutes
where we stepped back into 1960 to imagine that we were attending a meeting
to be trained on how to sit-in,
to meet injustice with dignified, peaceful, bold non-violence.

we remember their names as well as the countless unnamed others,
and are thankful for the people like them who sat down in order to stand up.

catch the show every friday and sunday until the end of february.

great reads before and after this performance are:
sit-in: how four friends stood up by sitting down, by andrea davis pinkney

freedom on the menu: the greensboro sit-ins, by carole boston weatherford.

who are your favorite african-american historical heroes?


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