dive! dive! dive! the history and technology of submarines

this past March at the national museum of the US navy, the girls studied the technology of submarines, experimented with buoyancy, made their own periscope and propeller, and designed their own underwater ROV with legos, all while learning the history of the “silent service.”

investigating the relationship between density and buoyancy
exploring submarine history
daddy, i sat on a torpedo today!
break time on the guns
decorating her periscope
her propeller model got flattened a bit on the way home
a cartesian diver: apply enough pressure to the bottle and the diver will sink!

since the group is split between readers and non-readers, i spend my time with signGirl, while radianceGirl and mercyGirl tackle more independent work with the older kids. i love it when they feel like they don’t need me: go forth and conquer the mysteries of science, my young scientists!

with so many historical artifacts and replicas, i don’t know a better place to have had these hands-on experiences than the national museum of the US navy. thanks again, laura & karen! see you in April when we explore the principals of gas, flight and hot air balloons!


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