hot air balloons!

last april’s home school day at the navy museum
we reviewed Bernoulli’s principal, Archimedes principle,
we talked about density some more,
we discovered the principles of gas and flight through stories and experiments,
blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada.

i don’t know what the older kids were doing,
but just imagine a couple of college interns giving a lecture to a group of preschoolers
on high & low pressure and its relationship to density.
signGirl decided to focus on which crayons she’d use for her hot air balloon coloring page.

what really brought all that jargon to life
— for us kids of all ages —
was making our own hot air balloon
and riding on a home-made hovercraft
made of just a couple pieces of fabric, a plywood circle, a chair and a vacuum cleaner!

with the help of the extremely patient staff and interns every family was able to construct their very own hot air balloon!

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science is SO cool!


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