marching through time

last april, we walked through time on the grounds of the Marietta House Museum
during the 19th Annual Multi-Period Living History Encampment.
from the romans and the early franks,
from english knights to soldiers from the civil war,
and farther on to 20th century warriors like the french foreign legion,
we took in the period clothing, ancient scripts & languages in books, foods,
crafts, furniture, handiwork, and entertainment.
talk about history coming alive!

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we heard the metallic clanking of a fully-armored knight as he emerged from his tent,
we gently moved our fingertips across the needle work
of a lady accompanying her lord to battle,
we smelled the smokey aroma of chickens roasting over a fire pit,
and we heard high-spirited irish tunes wafting from bagpipes.

as a hijabi-muslim, it was quite interesting to see how modesty
was the cultural norm and the fashion across Europe in the days of yore
(excluding the germans who apparently appreciate
the sight of plump bosoms all over deutschland).
considering all the drama behind muslims covering in france today,
it was very ironic how the women of france’s not too distant past
dressed as or more modestly than modern muslims today.
things that make me go hmmm?

it took a lot of time to absorb all the sensory stimulation we got
from going back in time.
next year, we’ll go both days to make sure we get it all in.
and did you know it was free, to boot?

History teaches everything, including the future
— Alphonse de Lamartine


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