city by design

while the younger pair had beaucoup fun
building towers, playing construction worker dress-up,
and playing in a green playhouse
in the national building museum‘s building zone,

the older pair participated in a hands-on workshop
helping to design a model city
while considering the variety of forces that shape communities,
and the complex issues that cities face:
traffic, pollution, waste disposal and zoning issues.
they learned how they can contribute to improving the quality of life in their community
and left with a movie theater…

and apartment building to commemorate the occasion.

her other building was too big to carry home.

this course was called city by design
and was one of several homeschool programs offered by the national building museum.
homeschool groups can come together and take a course
or individual families can meet other homeschoolers
when NBM offer the same classes on homeschool days throughout the year.
(the next one is june 10, 2011.)
this program gets the good tree montessori homeschool recommendation
and we look forward to returning for other classes.
if you can’t make it to a homeschool day,
NBM’s educator resource packets are chock full of activities and reading recommendations.


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