helping haiti

sometimes it’s hard to find volunteer projects that allow young kids,
but when the folks from muslims without borders said kids are o.k.
we jumped at the opportunity to lend a helping hand
at their hygiene kit packaging event at the university of maryland, college park.
(this was even more of a treat because daddyTheMan came with us!)

it’s been about a year since an earthquake devastated haiti,
but they still need support.
besides hunger and poverty,
poor sanitation as a result of the earthquake has caused a huge cholera epidemic.

after listening to a short talk and watching a video about MWB’s efforts in haiti,
students of all ages, along with a few mothers and fathers
created a high-energy, fast-moving assembly line to pack hygiene kits
— ziplock bags of hand sanitizer, soap, sanitizing wipes, and sanitary napkins (for the women’s kits) —
to help combat the cholera outbreak in haiti.

our girls pumped up the volume, mashaAllah,
moving so quickly that others down the line had to double their work to keep up!
slow down sweetie. take a break.
never, auntie!
afterwards: “let’s do this every night!”, they said.

see child, there is more happiness in giving than in receiving.

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donate your efforts or funds to muslims without borders.


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