book: anna hibiscus

anna hibiscus
by atinuke

Anna Hibiscus lives in a big white house in a compound in “Amazing Africa”
with her mother and father, her younger twin brothers, Double and Trouble,
her grandmother and grandfather, her aunts and uncles, and a host of cousins.
sounds like a recipe for adventure, right?

the Anna Hibiscus series is full of humorous
yet honest and thought-provoking escapades
set mostly in “Amazing Africa”,
but universal in its themes that address
poverty and class, economics, balancing tradition with modernity, family life,
and even kinky hair.

it’s an absolutely lovely read
great for any girl
— but especially for brown girls who get little literary spotlight —
with just the right amount of delightful illustrations
that will keep your children looking over your shoulder
should you read it aloud.

as in any excellent series, if you read one
you’ve got to read them all:
Hooray for Anna Hibiscus!
Good Luck, Anna Hibiscus!
Have Fun, Anna Hibiscus!


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