book: i had a favorite dress

i had a favorite dress
by boni ashburn
pictures by julia denos

i had a favorite dress starts with a very fashionable girl
wearing her “favoritest” dress every tuesday.
that dress goes through several equally fashionable iterations
as the successive creations get too small, are torn, or go out of fashion,
among other events.
but with the help of her crafty mama and a sewing machine,
they make molehills out of mountains
turning the dress into a shirt, tank top, skirt, scarf, socks, hair bow, and finally…
read it yourself!

denos’ pictures are an excellent compliment to the clever storyline,
using watercolor, graphite, colored pencil,
digital collage, even needle and thread,
and “a bit of photoshop here and there.”
with a budding artist in our home
before we read a book,
along with the dedication,
we’re just as likely to read
what the artist used to create the illustrations.

i had a favorite dress is a high-spirited story
about adjusting to life’s changes and challenges
with imagination and style.

snip, snip, sew, sew, our new favorite book, hello!


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