becoming comfortable with public speaking

sharing what she learned about italy
ciao from italy

this is another gem i found on the Homeschool Activities Update*:
a public speaking class for homeschoolers.
once a month homeschoolers get together in a conference room at the Bowie Library
to share what they’ve learned about a country from the continent of the month.
just last month i had the pleasure of listening to a toga-ed four year old tell me a bit about Greece.
my girls shared what they had researched about Italy, England and Russia.
it’s an excellent opportunity to get my girls comfortable speaking in front of a crowd,
not to mention developing their research skills.

BIG UP to Melissa R., homeschooling mother of 6, and
Josie R., of the Bowie Branch of PG County Library.

*if you’re a homeschooler in the DC metro area,
getting on Angela Brown’s Homeschool Activities Update can save you a lot of
time and stress
when looking for activities, opportunities and scholarships
for all ages of homeschoolers,
as well as support groups and professional development for parents.
email hsactivitiesupdate [at] gmail [dot] com to get on what i like to call
“The Homeschooling Master List.”

practicing presentation skills
all about england

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