oobleck science

on our weekly library visit
signGirl picked up How to Make Slime by Lori Shores…
how to make slime book
so, of course, we had to do it.
it was pretty simple:
just water, cornstarch, food coloring, a bowl and a lot of stirring
made some stupefying slime.

after stirring forever the slime finally started to show its solid-side. look above the spoon: when have you ever seen a liquid crack?

it was almost solid when you squeezed it,
but as soon as you let it go
is oozed away from you like a liquid.
slime is bipolar. it's both liquid and solid.

the science behind it:
even though it may look like it,
the cornstarch doesn’t dissolve in the water,
but it is rather suspended and spread out in it.
most liquids flow at consistent, predictable rates.
cornstarch slime, however, doesn’t follow the rules of liquids
as stated by Sir Isaac Newton.
it all ended quite messily after a crescendo of slime. next time everyone gets their own pie pan. fortunately clean-up was pretty easy.

oh, the beauty of non-Newtonian fluids!


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