plant buildings and garden railways

season's greenings
most common phrase when entering: oooooh!

the US botanic garden’s “Seasons Greenings” exhibit this past December
brought out the kid in all of us.
there was nothing but oohs and aahs and wide grins
as we watched the model trains moving through fantastical homes and DC’s most famous buildings and monuments
all made of plant materials!

scorpion house
y'think a scorpion lives here?
yep, it's pretty much amazing.
a giant lady fixes a train that went off track.
a giant lady fixes a train that went off track.
the white house
the white house...
white house playground
...complete with Sasha and Malia's playground set!
THIS is how cocoa grows. we've read about it and seen video, but now we've seen it live!
lincoln acorn head
can you see Lincoln's acorn head?
found this in the rainforest room. will gaze upon this when i need a mental vacation.
with mamama and washington monument
the big girls with their favorite fragrant flower: Mamama! (and a plant-based washington monument.)

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