secret codes and semaphores

our friends at the U.S. Navy Museum
outdid themselves again!

last february we explored coded messages
— Morse, Navajo Talkers, even created our own codes —
and semaphores.

the big girls made a device to transmit messages in Morse code.
The Story of the H.L. Hunley and Queenie's Coin: a love story and science drama all wrapped up in one.
do you know your A, B, C semaphores?
can you guess to whom these semaphore flags belong?
we created these blue signal lights from recycled plastic bottles, glitter and the liquid from glow sticks. so cool!
sending signals between the USS Brown Bunny and the USS Green Grasshopper!

walking the thousand chain

ever had a child that liked to count?
let them work with the thousand chain.
either they’ll count themselves hoarse
or whatever it is that they are working out in their mind
will get solidified.
maybe both.