school house rocks the house!

TheatreBam Chicago brought School House Rock to the stage in a lively, witty musical performance at the Publick Playhouse. when a teacher, nervous about his first day teaching school, turns on the TV to relax, three characters representing different parts of his personality remind him how to share his joy of learning with his new students…using School House Rock rhymes and beats, of course.

waiting for the show to flash photography please

i introduced my girls to School House Rock through library videos, but us adults still remembered the words and often sang them louder than our children. i think we dragged the kids along so we could see the show.

after the show with one of the performers of School House Rock Live! everybody say 3!

my favorite from that afternoon show: Conjunction Junction. they did it justice!


3 thoughts on “school house rocks the house!

  1. WOW school house rock. uh duh don’t know much about it, before or after my time, probably after. Sounds like fun, hope the girls enjoyed it. The big smiles on their faces says it all!!!!!

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