so, radianceGirl what did you think of MathAlive?
(press play)

and you mercyGirl?

did you have a similar opinion signGirl?

picture a Dave & Busters
for kids,
but with (a bit) less noise,
an emphasis on mathematics in
outdoor sports, engineering, art, robotics and a bit of video games,
subtract the need for money for tokens and whatnot cause it’s free,
then add the fact that it’s bilingual (English and Spanish),
and accessible for those with disabilities.

that’s MathAlive!

we went twice.

in this section we learned about how engineers use systems
to help make sure we have enough power,
(especially in emergency situations)
keep our water safe, use our various forms of transportation
and connect with each other using diverse communication systems
like phone, email, and radio.

we battled using our graphing skills,

we competed in a live-action snowboard race,

we programmed a Mars rover,
and helped NASA develop those amazing pictures of our universe
from the hundreds of photos taken by the Hubble telescope.

we were blown away by the artistic shadow play of mere digits,

and made bits and bytes move and groove in psychedelic colors,

but, by far, our favorite interactive
was to make grand fools of ourselves
in the Style Revolution 360!

(see silly live examples at the top of this blog post.)

us Washingtonians are so spoiled
by having the the exceptional free institution
that is the Smithsonian at our doorsteps.
we got the world premiere of MathAlive,
but it is also set to hit the Arizona Science Center (Phoenix, AZ),
U.S. Space & Rocket Center (Huntsville, AL),
and then the Space Center Houston (TX).

MathAlive, come back to DC when you’re finished with your world tour, y’hear?


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