time to sign up for six flag’s read to succeed

for the past couple of years
we’ve signed up for Six Flag’s Read to Succeed program.
this program encourages kindergarden through sixth grade students
to read for fun.
there is a school program and a homeschool program.

in the homeschool program,
just 6 hours of logged recreational (non-homeschool related) reading
— newspapers, comic books, novels, and/or nonfiction —
gets the child(ren) and one parent
a free ticket to their local Six Flags.
almost-readers and beginning readers can have books read to them.
it should be pretty easy to get 6 hours of reading in by the March 1, 2013 deadline.
expect to get your ticket in May,
just in time for summer season.

if you’ve got a Six Flags near you
and a K – 6 child in your home,
sign up here: sixflags.com/read
we may see you at the park
and we’ll share a wink
because we got in the easy way.


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