november at the navy museum: math by the mouth

the girls discovered what it take to feed the US Navy by multiplying recipes.
they also reviewed nutrition guidelines for children,
spent a day in life of a boy who consumed too much sugar via his poor drink choices,
and then planned a healthy meal of their own.

chef signGirl plans a delicious nutritious meal.

a great follow-up to these projects is
a free homeschool curriculum for nutrition and health:
Nutrition for Healthy Kids: You Are What You Eat.

dc glassworks

DC Glassworks doesn’t know this yet,
but it will soon be buzzing with homeschoolers
sweating from the heat of its blazing furnaces and glory holes.

we’ve been trying to make it to one of their open houses
since we were reading about the Venetians last year.

at this most recent open house,
DC Glassworks showed off their expanded space and studios
and we got to see a few demonstrations.

look for their next open house (and holiday sale) on 15 December 2012.