help keep the National Gallery of Art homeschool-friendly

the winter drop-in programs at the National Gallery of Art
are starting again.
Stories in Art, for ages 4-7, includes spending time looking at one artwork in the collection,
reading a related story,
and then making their own artwork.

in Artful Conversations children ages 8 – 11 and their families spend a whole hour
exploring a single work of art with a museum educator as their guide.

they say that most people spend less than 10 seconds
looking at a single piece of artwork.
these educators are skilled at guiding our eyes to what we may not normally notice
in our average gallery stroll.
after we’ve finished with a program,
i always feel like we’ve made a new friend

we attended Artful Conversations this past weekend
and spent time with French painter Francis Picabia’s The Procession, Seville.


when we met The Procession it was a pyramidal jumble of geometric shapes.
when we left, we knew where Picabia got his inspiration,
had a more clear idea what the painting was about,
why he painted it in the style that he did,
and we did a little sketching of our own.

i love the format of these mini-workshops.
as a homeschooling mom,
i enjoy learning alongside my children
and watching them interact with other educators in our world.

we’ve been attending either Stories in Art or Artful Conversations
for about three years, i think.
our attendance is a testimony unto itself.

here’s where i need your help:
looking at the winter schedule i notice that there are less workshops each day
and less days of workshops.
they used to have at least one weekday of workshops
and they used to have an additional workshop at 2:30pm.

like many other kids,
my kids have Saturday-morning activities,
so that the 2:30pm session that they used to have worked perfectly for us.
as a matter of fact, we would usually get to the sign-up table at 2:29PM.
it was also great to have the less crowded weekday option
available for those of us that don’t attend school.

would you join me in contacting the museum at (202) 789-3030 or
to politely request that they offer these insightful family programs
once during the week
and/or a little later in the early weekend-afternoons?

thank you in advance,
and we’ll see you there.