good vibrations at the navy museum

last January at Homeschool at the Navy Museum
the girls explored Sound Science:
the nature of sound waves and how it travels through air, water and solids.

she made sand vibrate on the foil with a tuning fork and  mallet.
she made sand vibrate on the foil with a tuning fork and mallet.
inner vibrations (like stevie wonder)
inner vibrations (like stevie wonder)
classic sound science: telephone!
classic sound science: telephone! (a little photoshop helps you actually see the string)
girl-made guitar
girl-made two-string guitar

guess what you’ll hear when you put a bean, coin, ball, or (my favorite) metal nut…


…inside an inflated balloon and whirl it around.


i’m not gonna tell. you’ll have to try it yourself.

nutrition for healthy kids

a member of a homeschool group email list
recommended the free curriculum at Nutrition for Healthy Kids.

it’s opened up my children’s eyes to contemporary food issues.
we’ve just about completed unit 1
which covers organic foods, genetically modified foods,
and artificial sweeteners like splenda, aspartame and high fructose corn syrup.

my girls have started looking for the UDSA organic seal themselves
as well as scrutinizing the ingredients of foods they like
for harmful artificial sweeteners
along with the non-halal stuff they already look for.


in lesson 1 we did a taste test between organic and conventional apples.
wow! the difference was so clear.
can you tell by looking which apple is organic?