make a pledge this ramadan to make your iftar a Zero-Trash Iftar

i’m a typcal homeschooling mom.
i have a litte home-based business on the side
to make pocket change to fund my homeschool dreams for my children.

i sell muslim t-shirts, onesies & bibs.
i sell colorful “i’m fasting” mini-buttons.
i sell magnets to reminding Muslims to eat responsibly.

add Zero-Trash Iftar Kits to the list.
my goal is the help Muslims decrease the amount of waste
— paper, plastic and styrofoam plates, napkins, cups, forks, knives and spoons —
we throw away after every iftar during Ramadan.


for just $1 a day — less than a disposable cup of name-brand coffee — you can make a positive and sustainable impact during the blessed month of Ramadan and demonstrate that you care about one of the greatest blessings we all share: the Earth.

buy a Zero-Trash Iftar Kit and get inspiration about how to green your Ramadan at


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