four seedlings at the US Botanic Garden

still catching up:

the US Botanic Garden has AWESOME children’s programs.
most of my kids were within the age range for the Seedlings program last April
(older or younger tag-a-longs are very welcome)
and this once a month four-part class was just peachy.

the girls learned about the history of the Botanic Gardens
(short version: the fledgling country of the United States sent a few ships all over the world
to collect plants just because they believed it was an important part of building a sophisticated culture)
and learned about different plants and their uses,
visiting several different climate zones all in an hour and a half.

Ms. Lee, our captivating and energetic instructor
— who should definitely write a children’s book on the founding of the USBG —
said that new content would be coming in the fall,
so we’re gonna go back and do it again, inshaAllah / GodWilling.


decorating their plant journals
decorating their plant journals



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