how four seedlings learned the meaning of ecosystem services

sometimes the stars align
and you’re online to register your kids before the spaces fill up in 10 minutes,
and your kids are the all in the age range so that they can all participate in the same Seedlings session
at the US Botanic Garden,
and it’s free,
and we learn scientific terms like ecosystem services
(which means how people benefit from ecosystems)
and it’s engaging for us all.
sometimes, but not often, it happens like that.

examining a venus flytrap under a microscope

pond at the National Garden

the appropriately named “hairy balls” plant…

and its insides

examining the contents of soil on a grid

making a home for worms in order to see how worms effect the different layers of the soil

designing a frame with natural materials

finished frame with artwork

talking with an entomologist

getting a closer look with a digital microscope

i’d just like to end with this fact: Ms. Lee is awesome.


3 thoughts on “how four seedlings learned the meaning of ecosystem services

  1. A fun day at the National Garden! Love your pictures … always! Love your seedlings the most!

    Y’Mama sgs

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