curious about homeschooling in maryland?

what: Homeschooling in Maryland Workshop
when: Oct 2, 2014, 7 – 9pm
cost: free
contact: Kristen Riley


Maryland Homeschool Reviews will be hosting the workshop “Homeschooling 101!” on October 2 at 7:00pm. This workshop is for both new and veteran homeschool families, as well as families who are looking into homeschool for the future. Topics include: homeschool laws in Maryland, different homeschool styles, making and maintaining schedules, curriculum selection, creating portfolios, and the review process. The evening will end with an open Q&A.

Please go to for details and registration. Please email Kristen Riley at with any questions.

note: this does not imply endorsement.

castle park

officially called Euclid Neighborhood Park,
my girls have dubbed the updated park in our neighborhood “Castle Park”.
what used to be a trio of rusty 1970’s tetanus-traps
— including a merry-go-round, swing set and crazy see-saw —
is now a colorful, kid-safe castle-inspired fun zone.


if this sanitized play area feels too restrictive,
bring a ball of your choice for free play
in the neighboring field
or just run in it freestyle.

consider this a personal invitation.

tales to tell at new carrollton library


if you love a good story
come to Tales to Tell at New Carrollton Library
on Thursdays, 4 – 4:30pm,
until the end of October.
children ages 6 – 9 (and their siblings)
can listen, discuss and compare books
that take classic stories like Goldilocks and the Three Bears
and give them a fresh, quirky twist like
Goldilocks and Just One Bear (by Leigh Hodgkinson)
or Goatilocks and the Three Bears (by Erica Perl)
or Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas (by Natasha Yim).

we visit our local library on a weekly basis
so we just end up incorporating this big kid story time into our visit.
afterwards, Ms. Marcie always has the books she has read
along with other suggestions available for children
to check out and read at home.

In what ways do you encourage the love of reading in your home?

here comes middle school

a fellow homeschool mom heard her son talking about
his friends’ elementary school graduation.
“Do you want to have a graduation? Well then, we’re going to have one.”

like many homeschooling moms do,
she put out a call to see if other families wanted to join.
what happened on a sunny weekday on the grounds of Watkins Regional Park
was intimate and so touching;
and was complete with awards, trophies and speeches,
followed by a visit to the Old Maryland Farm,
a hay ride, carousel & train rides and miniature golf.


i thought it was quite fitting.
middle school is on the cusp of the time
when she probably wouldn’t be caught dead riding the kiddie train.

childhood is too short.

looking back

one day we’re going to look back on our home school experiences and say…


but for now I’ll just have to fumble for my phone
and catch those perfect moments
as we go about living this blessed & challenging homeschool life.

hello, george

i won a few tickets to Mount Vernon, President George Washington’s home.


it’s easy to spend a day or three at Mount Vernon.
the Reynolds Museum & Education Center is awesome all by itself
and is a good contemporary companion to the history embedded
in Washington’s mansion, outbuildings and gardens.

George & Martha had the best view on the Potomac.

in front of the mansion whose style became iconic.

they make their own tools and do custom period repairs at Mount Vernon.

we had a delightful chat in the parlor with Martha.
(this historical reenactor was worth her weight in gold.)

thanks, Washington Parent for an excellent first visit.