i heart south bowie library

i just recently discovered the south bowie library because of a homeschool chess club meeting.

it’s such a lovely library.
i love all the energy saving elements of the building including all the vitamin D boosting natural light.
i love the fireplace.
i love that you can checkout an iPad to use in the building.
i love the huge kids section.
i love the cafe area where you can eat a meal or snack.
i love this sensory area for the little ones.


i could literally spend all day there.
i think i might put this down on my summer bucket list
for when it gets too hot and humid to do anything
but veg out on good books, movies and the internet.

our cyberjutsu girl


once a month from October to June, radianceGirl will spend most of her Saturday delving into all things computers with other cyberjutsu girls: computer anatomy, network protocols, information security & forensics, programming with python, basic web design, mobile app development, micocontrollers, robotics with lego windstorms, and wearable technology.

i wish i was 12 again!

the girls wind down the Anatomy of a Computer workshop
with a friendly game of cyberjutsu jeopardy.
operating systems for 50, please.

hej, martin!


mercyGirl attended a workshop with Martin Widmark, author of the Whodunit Detective Agency Series, to learn how to plan a detective story and find out a little about his native country, Sweden. this workshop was part of the kids euro festival.

because we got there on time (snicker) mercyGirl got to spend some one-on-one time with Martin before the rest of the children arrived. mercyGirl shared her most recent story with him, and Martin showed her his book in which he writes down plans and ideas for his children’s books.

tack så mycket (thanks very much) for sharing your techniques with the children, Martin.

fall futball

two of our girls participated in our neighborhood boys & girls club soccer teams. dad coached a team as well. forget the soccer mom title; we were a soccer family. on any given day we could be at three different practices or matches. mercyGirl’s 9 and under team placed 4th in their league, mashaAllah. they had a blast, made some new friends, learned more about teamwork but, whew, glad that’s over.

radianceGirl didn’t play this year,
but she demonstrated her support of her sisters…
in her own special way.

signGirl gets out in front of the pack.

to the joust!

it was the last weekend of the maryland renaissance festival,
but we made it.

it was meant to be
because someone gave us two free tickets
just as we were in line
about to shell out coin for our family of seven.
six and under were free,
but that only took two out of the equation.

i loved it when the girls unanimously went “ooooh!” when we walked in
among all the costumed vendors and visitors.

my favorite part of the festival is always the joust.


the next opening day is 29 august 2015.