you are what you crEATe

when homeschooling smart you have to know when to outsource. i like art, understand its importance across subject areas, but i find that scouring for art projects online and in books and then gathering the appropriate supplies is pretty low on my homeschool to-do list. programs like ArtReach check that box in a spectacular budget-friendly way. this is how the program description read for the fall session:

You are what you crEATe

From art’s earliest stages, food has been used as artistic language to express cultural, political and social values. Artists share depicted food as symbols to express ideas relating to identity through paintings, sculpture, and design. In this class students will look at how artists from the past and today use food as a visual tool for expression.

Working in collaboration with THEARC’s community garden, ArtReach students will explore the aesthetics of plants, urban ecosystems, and the landscape of their natural environment. Closely investigating the architectural design, colors and textures found in plants, root systems, invasive species, and garden design, this class will experiment with botanical drawing from observation, painting with plant based dyes, printmaking with vegetables, and book making utilizing natural objects.

Classes will work on collaborative and independent projects exploring their relationship to food found in their own backyard and halfway around the world.

The topic of food allows artists to express ideas relating to identity. Through observation and visual investigation, students will gain a better understanding of their own urban garden and the civic and environmental impact of the food industry at a local and global level.

there is a homeschooling parent who would put that much thought into her art program for the year, but i don’t know her. my big girls experimented in various mediums, looked at food from new angles, and made friends & original art.






right up newton’s alley at the maryland science center


we had our first visit to the Maryland Science Center in October
with our friends from Little Genius.

my girls were divided between
the kid’s room and power up exhibit.
newton’s alley was like a candy aisle at a checkout counter.
they couldn’t resist going from station to station to station…
after our group left we visited the dinosaur mysteries exhibit
and saw a live animal show.

we literally spent all day there
and then i had to use my “parental-persuasion”
to get them to leave.

but next time i think they’d enjoy checking out
the shed, terraLink and your body exhibits.
there’s so much to choose from!


Maryland Science Center’s homeschool programming begins January 6,
weekdays, 10AM to 5PM, excluding Mondays, until January 13.
registration begins December 9.

i see a return visit in our future.

brown girls swim


i maintain that the best time to take swim classes
is not in the spring just before summer,
but rather in the fall and winter.

class sizes are usually small
so the girls get lots of pool time with the instructors
at a very affordable price.

come summer, the girls spend their time splashing in the water
and showing off their pool skills
— watch this flip turn, mom! —
instead being stuck in a class.