diving into the tempest

it all started with my desire to read Shakespeare with my big girls.
i scoured the local theaters to see which of the Bard’s plays would be out soon.
i found that Shakespeare Theatre Company (STC) would be putting on The Tempest in December.
that was our play.
i checked out a dozen books from the library
about the play itself and about Sir William.
then — by Allah’s mercy — I found out about a 15-week homeschool Shakespeare class at STC focusing on The Tempest.
less work for me. a lot less.

here radianceGirl performs portions of The Tempest with her homeschool peers on the final day of the class:



then STC announced Family Week at the Tempest. glorious!
we did just about everything and it was all FREE!
can you feel my glee?

we saw The Tiny Tempest, based on the play but re-envisioned for younger audiences.

we went to The Tempest Costumes: Designing a World and got up close and personal with costumes from The Tempest and learned how costumes get from the designer’s mind to an actor’s body from Costume Director Wendy Stark Prey.





we went to Playing the Play and did all sorts of theatre games to learn more about the plot of The Tempest.

the big girls did the Drawing from The Tempest workshop with Gareth Hinds, illustrator and author of critically-acclaimed graphic novels, who led these young artists in crafting a short comic inspired by the classic text of The Tempest.



for the finale we saw STC’s professional production of The Tempest…wait for it…for FREE!
how? let me tell you.
STC has had one of its most brilliant ideas. it’s called Free Will.
in order to open doors to new audience members
they are giving away 1000 tickets per production free of charge.
tickets can be reserved starting mondays at noon for performances during that week.

and let me tell you.
we had good seats.
like second row, center, orchestra seats.
signGirl (age 7) turned to me during the play and said, “Mom, I LOVE this!”
i don’t know if our spectacular seats were a fluke,
but my girls and i definitely enjoyed every magical moment.
even if we got a parking ticket afterward.


One thought on “diving into the tempest

  1. WOW!!!! this is soooo exciting, I imagined myself there with you guys. With your persistence and guidance, your girls are becoming global citizens. Alhamdullilah!!!

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