bird’s eye view of the nation’s capital

a chilly, drizzly day in february is the best day
to take a tour of the washington monument.
lines? what lines?
the day was cloudy,
but the clouds were high
and we could see clearly in all four directions
to both maryland and virginia.

washington monument tour inside

we learned all about the washington monument’s history and structure,
including cool facts about what’s on top of the monument,
what’s inside the monument,
and why the stones are two different shades of white.

because we’re curious homeschoolers we can also discuss
why this monument to the first president of the united states
looks like it was copied from ancient egyptian architecture.

washington monument tour

free first-come first-served timed tickets are available
at the washington monument lodge just down the hill,
but if you’re coming on a busy day with little people who have little patience
it may behoove you to make advance reservations for just $1.50 a pop.

later, inshaAllah, i plan to get a different take on this nation’s most notable obelisk.


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