seedlings october 2015

another superb session of seedlings
exploring the bountiful world of botany
with the engaging ms. lee
at the u.s. botanical garden.

this first session was all about plants’ relationship with water.


on a summery fall day
we took a little time after class to experience the children’s garden.
nature did its usual thing and engaged all their senses.


the second session explored plant morphology.


after class, we caught flowers stink at the outdoor amphitheater
— a musical collaboration between the kennedy center and USBG
in which a middle school girl learns to put down her technology
and appreciate nature by opening her eyes, ears, and mind
to the beauty around her,
unleashing her imagination and creativity.

flowers stink

the third session investigated photosynthesis.
the girls used a refractometer for the first time to measure the amount of sugar in a plant.


the final session looked into mutualism
with some very interesting examples throughout the gardens.


looking back at these pictures
reminds me of how blessed we are to have this wonderful (and free!) resource
to enrich our homeschool journey.

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