to senegal


radianceGirl, my firstborn, is on the other side of the atlantic.
she has run on the shores of what could possibly her ancestral homeland.
she has sucked on salt from lac rose.
she has seen africans in their cosmopolitan glory.
she has looked through the door of no return.

she has been given the gift and challenge
of memorizing the Quran
in a blessed spiritual home of the tijani sufi order.

we miss her..her presence, singing, energy,
and the way she danced around the kitchen
as she added an aromatic slew of spices
to whatever she cooked
with elegant flicks of her wrist.

but this is the time for her to do hard things,
and rise to this challenge
which we pray will be her life’s foundation
from which we expect her to
begin to understand her strengths and weaknesses,
and start to use her talents in the service of Allah and humanity.


4 thoughts on “to senegal

  1. I am so happy for her and happy for you…alhamduli’llah for Allah’s grace in granting you the ability to do this for her. In shaa Allah, she will forever cherish this opportunity. and love you all the more for affording her the grace. May Allah grant you barakah in all you do, ameen!

  2. Alhamdulillah I’m praying for her spiritual and physical strength and health as she learn and discover herself and the world as it continue to open and amaze her senses.

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