homes, water pressure & disaster 

in the My House, My Home class prayerGirl visited the National Building Museum‘s House & Home exhibition to look at photographs and models of past and present American homes. back in the classroom, she learned about the process of building a house through a hands-on demonstration with real tools and materials. then she created her own house to add to the classroom neighborhood of custom homes.

this girl has a knack for picking an excellent location: her one-of-a-kind home is on waterfront property.

signGirl did the Water Works class where she experimented with the power of water pressure and learned how civil engineers have utilized it over time. she worked with her group to create a miniature architectural structure that transported water, and shoot water the farthest possible distance. she and her group also designed and built a PVC pipe fountain outdoors on the loading deck.

in Designing for Disaster, mercyGirl learned how buildings can be built to withstand the force of an earthquake. she experienced the engineering design process by investigating front-line earthquake resilient technology and then worked with her all-girl team to design, construct, and test model their building using a shake table. their design withstood the shake table test! go, girls!


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