suspension bridge

the bridge of prayerGirl’s all-girl team won the suspension bridge challenge in their civil engineering class. #girlpower


butterfly vest

sewing class: finished her butterfly vest. a matching skirt will come next inshaAllah.

behind the scenes at krispy kreme

it all started when facebook showed me
that a fellow homeschool friend was interested in an event:
arundel homeschoolers were going on a field trip to krispy kreme:
a tour of the facility to see how krispy kreme does its thing,
an opportunity to get their hands in krispy kreme dough,
and a krispy kreme donut, juice box, and balloon for $5?
the thing was that the field trip was the next day at 9:30AM.

i just finished my homeschool portfolio review;
i believe that all things are possible.

plus donuts are excellent motivation
to get my kids out of bed and ready to leave the house.

the girls learned the three ingredients that make up a krispy kreme donut
— yeast, sugar, and flour (with two secret additives) –,
how they are made, how the glaze is recirculated,
and how they add the extras, like chocolate and sprinkles.

on a slow day this location makes 1300 dozen donuts a day
(that’s more than 15,000 donuts!)
and this location is the “slowest” krispy kreme in the DMV area.

so many calories, so little time.

bill of rights day at the newseum

it was freezing that day, so sensible people must have stayed home. we, however, marked Dec 15 with a visit to the Newseum where we listened to (historical actors) Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton discuss the importance of the Bill of Rights. After several other engaging activities, we ended a perfect visit with a reading of the first 10 amendments…and birthday cupcakes.