off to turkey…be back soon

it’s time to pack up homeschool…< sigh >.
will return sign

we’re moving to kayseri, turkey
for an extended period of time.
i plan to set up again once we get there, inshaAllah.

i’ll store most of the tools here,
but bring some essentials,
some things that the girls are likely get into
in the coming months,
as well as things you just can’t buy or make.

we’re planning to visit the GA aquarium
as a farewell to atlanta family outing.

we’ll probably visit the library more often
since i’m packing most of the books and toys.
maybe we’ll go on a few more field trips, too.

this was our first little homeschool.
i’m gonna miss it,
but look forward to the future.

keep us in your dua / prayers, inshaAllah.

what to do after college

now my girls are a long way from “after college”.
they are probably as far away from “after college”
as i am after college,
but it’s never too early to see what your children need
so you can prepare them on the way
so books / websites like this will just be a refresher.
guide to life after college
The Guide to Life After College
Written and Edited By Chris Schonberger with Stuart Schultz

listen to the story on NPR:
then see to download the book for free.