i want my click / ladybug / babybug magazine!

while in the states
since my oldest
— who should be a snaggle-toothed 6 in a few days —
could turn a page in a book
i’ve subscribed to magazines from the cricket magazine group.
first it was babybug, then ladybug and then click.
babybug magazine

as a parent,
i loved reading them to my children.
my children would read them over and over again.
now that we’re overseas
— and you can bet that i brought some babybugs and clicks with me —
click magazine
in order to get these magazines
we’d have to pay an additional $15 per subscription per year
and wait an additional who-knows-how-many-days for them to
finally get here.
not having access to a english library here
makes magazines like these even more dear to us.

as a child,
i used to LOVE highlights.
highlights magazine
i don’t think my mom ever bought me a subscription,
but i remember them making doctors and dentists visits more bearable.
now they have a magazine called high five
for the 2-6 age group.
high five highlights magazine
as an expatriate, my kids are just out of luck.
they don’t ship internationally.

it’s the digital age!
highlights, cricket magazine group
and all those other children’s magazines publishers
need to get with it!
i subscribe to one of my favorite magazines,
dwell, digitally through zinio
(zinio has all kinds of magazines
from cosmopolitan and businessweek to popular mechanics).

many of these children’s magazines
have sample pages in digital or pdf format.
cricket magazine publishes it catalog in this manner,
so why not the magazine itself!?!

join me in emailing your favorite children’s magazine
in requesting that they publish their magazine
so that they are readily available worldwide.

contact highlights customer service by filling out this form.
you can email click magazine group AKA carus publishing here:
busdev [at] caruspub [dot] com
or here: customerservice [at] caruspub [dot] com

here’s some text to copy and paste to boot:

many families would love to see your magazines available in PDF or digital magazine format.
your current environmentally-conscious subscribers,
english-speaking expatriates abroad,
and ESL teachers worldwide
would be ecstatic at this option as well.
could you tell me if your magazine is considering publishing its excellent content
so that it is readily available to a more diverse customer-base?

thanks for your help!