book: if i never forever endeavor

if i never forever endeavor
by holly meade

in poetic form
a little yellow bird
ponders from the safety of her nest
whether or not to give her new wings a try.
this book is a picturesque metaphor for life’s new challenges
that we continue to face as we grow.

it is a gentle push of encouragement
for our little fledglings
— and a reminder for us adults, too —
who are a little scared about trying new things.
if you don’t try you won’t know if you can do it.
if you try, you might FLY!

On the one wing,
I could try
and find
that I flap
and I flail,

flounder and
look foolish
and fail.

On the other wing,
I could try
and take flight,

rise high and
float free,
sail through the trees.