sailing on the sultana

this trip was a unique opportunity to explore the history and environment of the Chesapeake Bay while sailing on an 18th century schooner, the Sultana.

the group explored different types of marine life in the bay,
helped the crew with the sails,
learned the names of the different parts of the ship,
discussed how sailors lived, what they ate and the tools that were used for medical care, and
learned a bit about navigation.

you can’t get much better than class on the water with instructors who enjoy their job so much that they live where they work.

scratch + wedo at kid museum

every month Kid Museum offers homeschool workshops that integrate hands-on science, technology, engineering, art and math learning in a playful, engaging way.

signGirl took the Scratch & WeDo workshop where she designed an interactive machine with a LEGO WeDo kit and used the Scratch programming language to move and manipulate it.


Either this class was intensely engaging or this girl has the makings of a talented and intensely dedicated engineer. Or both.

designing for the arctic

designing for the arctic class
at the national building museum’s
homeschool day.


signGirl became an architect for the class. Her task was to design a home for a family whose new house would be in Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost city in the US. The family wanted an environmentally sustainable home that could work with the extremely cold climate of the Arctic Circle. She and her “co-workers” investigated the climate and geography of the city, learned about green homes from the past and present, and green technologies and materials, and then she designed and constructed a model home to meet her clients’ needs.