the final session of the design like a girl 2017-2018 session:

girls first designed a vision board for imaginary clients, then made scale models.

here is mercyGirl’s artshed model.

all the girls presented their designs. no two were alike and all of them had thoughtful elements that made me utter quiet exclamations of surprise.

i’m hopeful for the future of women in architecture & design.

pequena capoeirista

signGirl participated in her first batizado (capoeira initiation ceremony) with Capoeira MalĂȘs DC, along with a performance and troca de corda (changing of cords).

the kids planned an amazing show with a bit of history of capoeira, and showcasing how it has both artistic and scientific elements.

the awarding of cords was also a lot of fun because of all the playing, music and singing. even spectators have a responsibility to add to the energy of the circle by clapping and singing.

you’ll see what I mean:

homeschool day at adventure park

my homies helped me win tickets to the adventure park at sandy spring friends school so I was able to take three of my girls and join them in the trees.

it was a challenging, yet rewarding experience for them. after completing a trail, they would go right back to the start to have a go at another trail.

there were times when we called for help (“Staff!”), there were some tears of frustration, there were times when we bailed out before the finish, but we all left happy and spent. kind of like our normal homeschool days.

can you find my girls (three of them) in this picture above?