classic egg challenge

when you come to homeschool day at the navy museum
you get access to a small collection of experiments & projects
within an area of study.

this past december,
signGirl decided to do the classic egg challenge with a twist:
design something using either
all pipe cleaners
or all paper
that will protect an egg if dropped from 50 feet (or so).

this was signGirl’s creation.


her egg ended up like humpty dumpty…

but, it’s the problem-solving design process that matters most.
i’m sure we’ll encounter this challenge again.

wonderful whoopers

all about whooping cranes at the patuxent wildlife refuge center:
their lifecycle, habitat, and migration patterns,
a bit about the PWRC whooping crane program,
how they almost became extinct,
and how we can help.


this program was a perfect mix of learning for this age group:
there was discussion, songs, a craft, and an outdoor educational game.
my 6 year-old whose favorite word is “boring” said this class wasn’t.
that’s a big win!


metalworking at brentwood arts exchange

even at 12 the montessori mantra of
“teach me to do it myself”
rings true.
yeah, you can buy the perfect pair of earrings at a local store,
but you can also take a class to learn how to make your own.
radianceGirl took a kids metalworking workshop
at brentwood arts exchange
and learned small metalworking techniques
including torch work and cold manipulation.
she came home with some new experiences
and three very unique jewelry pieces
made by her own hands and infused with her spirit.



once a month we still head out the national museum of the US navy
for their full STEAM ahead homeschool science days.
it has a different format,
but it still works for us,
and it’s still free.
we can arrive anytime between 10AM and 2PM
and choose any or all of the ready-made science projects and experiments to do at our own pace.
this month the subject area was simple machines.
here the girls are discovering how pulleys make work easier.


a book that shaped me

the national book festival has never been this fun.
this year, mercyGirl was a maryland finalist in the library of congress
a book that shaped me summer writing contest.
in addition to dropping by the national book festival this year,
and waiting forever in line at the wells fargo booth to experience their virtual maze challenge interactive game,
we attended the contest awards ceremony
where the contest winners got to read their essays
about a book that made a difference in their lives.
we could tell why the winners won:
those avid readers were also very good writers mashaAllah.


congratulations, mercyGirl. write on!

gsk science in the summer at deanwood library

both mercyGirl and signGirl participated in the free
gsk science in the summer™ program
at deanwood neighborhood library.
they explored simple machines
and even got to take home a few different types of pulleys
along with a backpack and safety goggles.
the classes were small
and every one-hour session included a hands-on project,
often building on concepts from the previous day.
this class served as a review of science concepts
in what has been mostly a summer of art classes & camps.
good to see that they’ve still got love for science.