Why We Homeschool

we get asked this question all the time. here are some reasons why we homeschool:

  • i love learning, myself, and often learn from my children.

  • i love my children, i enjoy spending time with them, and am blessed to have the privilege of watching them grow and encounter new experiences.

  • i read dumbing us down by john taylor gatto, “a radical treatise on public education that concludes that compulsory government schooling does little but teach young people to follow orders like cogs in a machine.”

  • we want to give our children the time they need to explore with enjoyment and intrinsic motivation as opposed to learning by rote-memorization to a government-imposed education schedule.

  • for us, it makes sense economically. if i, as the mother and primary caregiver, choose to work, what percentage of our income are we going to pay for quality childcare, and later, (most likely, private) school including the cost of transportation, clothing/uniforms, food, fund-raisers, and etc.?

  • we are interested and invested in taking an active role in the holistic education of our children.

  • we believe, fundamentally, that it is, foremost, a parent’s responsibility to educate their children.

  • spending time together allows us to strengthen our family unit.

  • we can teach them what we want, i.e. values, manners, nutrition, financial acumen, household management and spiritual health are just as important as “Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic”.

3 thoughts on “Why We Homeschool

  1. I, too, read John Taylor Gatto many years ago, in fact, the yr before we took our firstborn (now firstborn of 7) out of school. She did the 1st grade there. As the years went on, I read more of his writing. He is one of my favorite modern-day ‘minds’. I highly suggest you read his book, “A Different Kind of Teacher”. It will make you rejoice over and over to have your children home with you and will serve to further empower you, especially amongst the naysayers.
    Be well. ~anna

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