out of the office

we were reviewing prefixes.
i left to use the bathroom.
when i came back she was not at her desk,
but she left this for me:

it was 60 degrees fahrenheit in january.
i don’t blame her one bit.

matisse cuts up

last january, the educators at the national gallery of art
began their winter stories in art series
investigating modern and contemporary art with henri matisse’s huge cut out piece,
“les betes de la mers”.

they carefully observed and analyzed this work from top to bottom, left to right,
listened to “a bird or two: a story about henri matisse” by bijou le tord,

and then used their informed imagination to create their own cut-out masterpieces.

we always enjoy mike venezia’s “getting to know the world’s greatest artists” series,
including his book on matisse:

for those closer to baltimore, the baltimore museum of art
has several matisse’s as a part of its cone collection
and an entertaining interactive web site to explore
matisse’s use of props, color and patterns.

next month, these young investigators will eyeball one of my personal favorite artists: georgia o’keeffe.