bowling with muslims

who bowls on a tuesday morning?

retirees, the physically challenged, and… muslim homeschoolers!
wholesome fun, exercise and socializing.

afterward we ran into park service police
taking big (really big) red and little (nothing little about him) mouse for a stroll.
after getting the full experience close up,
signGirl takes advantage of the views from waaaaay far away.

christylez bacon: hip hop folk hero

we caught christylez bacon‘s truly entertaining jam session
at the new carrollton branch of the PG county library.
he blended the folk tradition of storytelling
while multitasking with his instrumental repertoire:
the human beat box, west african djembe drum, acoustic guitar and even a pair of spoons.

he closed the show down by collecting words from the audience
and putting them in a freestyle rap.

this down-to-earth, grammy-nominated brother from SE DC is surely doin’ his thang.

cool math: lattice multiplication

we stumbled upon lattice multiplication at
it’s a fun and absorbing way for radianceGirl
to simultaneously strengthen her multiplication and addition skills.

take the problem 1,937 x 4,260.
the multiplier, 1,937, goes across the top of the grid
while the multiplicand, 4,260, goes down the right side.
you systematically multiply each number at the end of each column and row,
recording the tens in the upper triangle
and the ones in the lower triangle of each intersection.

for example, when multiplying the 7 in 1937 by 4 in 4260,
one writes the product, 28, by putting the 2 in the upper triangle of the intersection
and the 8 in the lower triangle.

afterward you simply add the numbers along the diagonal
to get your product, 8,251,620.

i can always tell the math is getting good to radianceGirl
when her head is down close to the paper
as she talks herself through the problem.

i wasn’t taught lattice multiplication in school.
what other multiplication algorithms or math concepts are new to you on this go-round?